Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Welcome to South Australia’s first Landlord News blog...

Commencing in March 2012, this blog will be dedicated to bringing you – the Landlord - valuable, informative and timely information about the South Australian rental market.

This service is not only offered to Toop&Toop clients, it’s freely available to everyone as a high level two-way communication resource where you can ask questions, make comments and participate in conversation on everything property management.

“Kerrie Akkermans, General Manager of  Toop&Toop Property Management, will be reporting on the latest hot topics and issues that you as a Landlord should be aware of. This blog will be the ‘go to’ resource for all things property management in South Australia.”

So welcome to our newest space – we look forward to sharing our knowledge with you, and in turn receiving invaluable input and feedback from you all. Enjoy!

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leanne.kuss said...

Great idea... can't wait to get some good rental information. Go Toop&Toop - I will be watching !