Friday, March 23, 2012

Preventative Maintenance

The autumn weather has definitely started to come in so it’s the perfect time to get all of the maintenance for your property completed before that winter weather hits!
The biggest area of concern would be gutters; the last thing you need is damage caused to your property from blocked gutters after a heavy rain fall. Ensure gutters are clear of any leaves or debris and the downpipe drains away from the house.  Preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure you don’t have to deal with flooding in your property this winter, saving you a potential costly situation.
The recent storm that hit Adelaide caused significant damage that could have been avoided.
Roof leaks can cause a large amount of damage through winter. Any roof leaks that you are aware of should be  fixed. It’s also a good idea to get the entire roof checked to be safe that there are not any other leaks.
Service those heaters that haven’t been used in 9 months that may be covered in dust. Ensure they are working sufficiently and void of any damage that could cause issues. The winter chill can hit quickly and your tenants don’t want to be left out in the cold, so it’s important to have the heating in working order.
Heaters get a lot of use during the cooler months, so it’s also a good time to get your smoke alarms tested for safety reasons. Check that your smoke alarms are up to standard according to government regulations. Smoke alarms must have lithium battery or hardwired in a rental property.
Outside the home takes the brunt of the wild weather in winter so gardens need to be tended to. If you have fallen limbs or trees make sure they are not damaging or over hanging the property.
Preventative maintenance will help you save time and money on any potential issues that may arise through the winter months. Quotes and getting the maintenance done can be time consuming, so fix problems before they become major issues.
If using a property manager ask about setting up a preventative maintenance program for your property, this saves you the leg work and enhances the life of your property. Some property management companies will use preferred suppliers who often offer specials for seasonal maintenance, saving you money. 
For further information on maintenance follow the link below.

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