Friday, March 16, 2012

Presenting Your Property

Just like a sales campaign, presenting your property in the right manner will enhance your marketing campaign for your rental. To attract the best tenant there are many things you can do for your property.
Professional Images
Having professional images taken of your property is a low cost way of promoting your property in the right light. They can highlight the features of your property and make it more attractive to prospective tenants. The photos should represent the way you would like it to be kept with a tenant inside. Put the dishes away off the sink, close the drawers, take the magnets off the fridge, all these little things you can do make a big difference in the way your property is perceived by others.

Before Presentation
After Presentation



When writing an advertisement for your property, make sure you have noted all the features which would be attractive and important to potential tenants i.e. air conditioning,  gas/electric cooking, separate laundry, dishwasher, private yard, built in/walk in robes, car parking etc. Be honest in your advertising so people are well aware what to expect when they come through. Consider what would appeal to your target market and reflect that in the copy.
Ready for Inspection
When an open inspection or private appointment has been arranged, it is good to have the property looking at its best. This may mean simple things like putting dishes away; packing up toys, de-cluttering and making sure the whole property including yard areas are neat and tidy. Showing that the property is well looked after, shows prospective tenants you expect the same from them. Attend sales inspections for ideas on how to prepare the property.
Attracting the Preferred Tenants
The state and condition of your property will attract the most suitable tenants. The space, layout and location of your property may be suitable for a professional couple or family, but in actual fact may only attract students and sharers. If it be in need of a paint, replacement of carpet or update of kitchen or bathroom this can all affect who your property attracts. Keep this in mind when preparing your property for rental and remember be objective about your property others may not necessarily view it as you do.

Experienced Leasing Specialists can help guide and advise you through the rental process. Working together with a professional will guarantee the best results.


Anonymous said...

" working together with a professional will produce the best results." What do I look for when choosing a professional property manager? Should all the sales pitch be believed? If I'm less than happy with my manager what questions should I ask myself to determin if my manager is under performing or I just have unreasonable expectations?

Kerrie Akkermans said...

When looking for a property manager there is a number of things to look for. Most importantly you want to make sure you have a property manager who is experienced and will take care of your property with the up most respect for you and your tenant. We suggest selecting a well known reputable agency.
Honesty and transparency is important so you know exactly what is going on with your property. Property managers are there to manage your biggest asset so it’s important for you to trust they are doing the best for your property.
Where the sales pitch is concerned, you can gather a lot about a person from meeting with them it’s not all about what they say but the way they say it. If someone is selling something they believe in and that they are passionate about, it shouldn’t come across as a sales pitch. Asking how long they have been involved in real estate and what is different about their company to others is a good question to ask.
If you do have issues with your property manager be honest and talk about what you are feeling. Ask yourself if they have been upfront about all issues, acted promptly to resolve any problems and if you feel they are doing the right thing by not only yourself but what is legally acceptable. As a property manager they are a mediator between the landlord and tenant so it’s important to bear in mind they need to do what is legally right by both parties and find an outcome that everyone is happy with.