Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sir Richard Branson and Mark Bouris share their tips to success

The National Achievers Congress hit town this week with a line up of impressive speakers, all keen to let Adelaide investors know how to create the wealth they desire.

The big draw cards of the two-day seminar were Sir Richard Branson, Founder of the Virgin empire, and Mark Bouris of Celebrity Apprentice fame were the two speakers everyone was excited to see.

So how did these seemingly ordinary men achieve their success.

Sir Richard Branson
Sir Richard has turned conglomerates on their heads and aggressively taken market share in the music, airline, telecommunication industries - just to name a few - and will soon expand his empire into space.

He believes business is about keeping the others honest.

Sir Richard said “...school isn’t really necessary, it’s more to entertain kids; once you know how to spell and add up then it's not much use, unless you want to be a rocket scientist." 

Let’s hope his space team went to school and all have the right qualifications.

He believes it's about being prepared to take up the challenge, to go for your big ideas.

“It’s people who make the business and you need to be flexible to their needs,” is Sir Richard’s philosophy on employees.

He has developed a pride in his team that is evident in both their service standards and achievements.

Mark Bouris
Mark Bouris, having sold his Wizard home loan business to Kerry Packer, has gone from strength to strength and is now a household name.

Kerry Packer asked Mark three important questions when they were finalising the negotiations for his business.

1.     “What business are you in”? Mark after some enlightening straight talk from Kerry realised he wasn’t in the business of loaning money he was in the business of fulfilling peoples hopes and dreams by putting a roof over their head.

2.    He then asked Mark  “who are your customers?" That’s all about whom they are as a person and why they come to your business. From that you can design your marketing plans around the people who best suit your business.

3.    Finally Kerry asked him, “Have you ever failed in business before?" He wanted to know if Mark had been a good leader in the hard times, as that is what counts. Will your people follow you and be inspired when business gets tough? Understanding how to disassociate yourself from the problem is the key Mark told the audience.

Whether you have one property or 10, you’re in business and that is how you need to treat your portfolio in order to be successful. These tips by Sir Richard Branson and Mark Bouris are just as relevant for your business.

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