Friday, August 31, 2012

Spring Cleaning

With the end of winter in sight it’s a good time to spring clean your property particularly if you’re looking for new tenants. A fresh looking property may just be what you need to attract those tenants you want.
First Impressions Count:
Starting with the outside of the property, take a good look at the gardens and lawn. Chop back overgrown areas, keep your garden tidy it’s the first thing people see and first impressions are important. Potential tenants may keep driving if they arrive at a place which is unattractive even from the outside. That is if they can see it at all.

Are the fences or gate broken and looking tatty? Make sure you fix them up maybe even give them a coat of paint for a fresh look. Ensure your gutters are clear of debris and not rusted out.
The inside of the property should have a good wipe over; a potential tenant wants to move into a property that is clean and well presented, this means they have a standard to keep it to. Have a look at the walls, do they need repainting? It is suggested that the house is repainted roughly every 5 years depending on the property due to wear and tear. Make sure you cover up those cracks too, cosmetic cracks through the walls and roof are common in many areas due to natural ground movement.

How is the flooring in the property? Have a good look especially if it’s carpeted, carpet should be replaced approximately every 7 years. Carpet will wear down over time particularly in high traffic areas as well as being assaulted by all kinds of stains so have a think about replacing if its past its use by date. Carpet sellers will often have a recommended selection to be used in rental properties that are harder wearing so ask around to see what is suggested.
Its also a great time to check those appliances, anything you have in a rental property must be in working order so ensure the air conditioner, heating, dishwasher, oven, smoke alarms and any other appliances are good to go for a new tenant.
The better your property presents the more it will benefit you so whether you use a little elbow grease, rope in some family and friends or hire someone to do it for you make sure your properties in tip top shape coming into spring.

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