Friday, July 13, 2012

Tenant Approved….what next?

So you have held an open at your property, approved a tenant and negotiated a lease start date…Now what do you need to do prior to your tenant moving in?
First thing to do in your property (particularly if you were previously living  there)  is remove all of your belongings. Ensure that you have not left anything behind except for items that have been agreed to by the tenant and noted in the lease.
Clean the property thoroughly, keep in mind you cannot expect a vacating tenant to clean anything that was not clean when they moved in so make sure it is clean to begin with. To avoid disagreements ensure the property is well cleaned with particular attention paid to the kitchen, bathrooms and flooring. The condition the tenant moves into the property in is the same they can leave it in, so be aware if you do not steam clean carpets prior to the tenancy commencement they can leave them in the same state. The gardens also need to be in a position that you would like them maintained in, so make sure to mow, prune and trim.
Items in the property that are broken either need to be repaired or removed prior to tenancy commencement. The tenant has the right to expect any items that are remaining in the property to be in working order. This can include items such as dishwashers, alarm systems, air conditioners/heating etc. If these items are in the property but do not work they need to be removed or legally the tenant can asked them to be restored either by repair or replacement.
You should perform a detailed ingoing inspection at the property before the tenant moves in, if you have a property manager they will perform this on your behalf. This will record the condition of the property and any inventory that is to remain. It is also advised that you take photos and ensure to take a water meter reading at this time.
Your tenants will require 2 sets of keys for the property. Only give them keys that fit locks in the property and make sure that you give them 2 complete sets, take note of the keys so you know what should be returned at the end of the tenancy.  
Don’t forget to disconnect your power! It is a tenant’s responsibility to connect and pay for the electricity they use as well as gas if needed. So don’t forget to disconnect your power prior to the tenant moving in so you are not billed for their usage.
If in doubt about your obligations as a landlord jump onto the Office Of Consumer & Business Affairs (OCBA) website at or speak to your experienced property manager.

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