Thursday, April 19, 2012

Marketing Your Property

Driving down a side street recently, I happened to look out the side window and see an a4 sign sticky taped  to the front of a house “House to rent” and I had to think to myself “who would even see that?”
When renting out your investment property you need to market it in a way to make it visible to potential tenants. The internet is everything when it comes to marketing, lets face it if you are wanting information on anything the first thing you do is jump online and Google it.
For rental properties nothing is more vital than advertising online, it’s the quickest and most informative way to reach a large audience. Essentially you want your property rented as quickly as possible and the best way to do that is via the internet. Websites allow many people to view your property which enhances your chances of finding a suitable tenant. 
Property management companies will often offer marketing packages to you proposing a range of online advertising.  Larger real estate companies may have their own website in which they advertise on as well as large property rental websites such as  and   These large online websites are not accessible by the self managing landlord and are a real benefit when it comes to looking for a tenant. is Australia's No.1 property site, delivering a unique audience of 3.11M people in October 2011. delivers access to a broad audience in various stages of the lifecycle - with dedicated sections for buyers, renters, sharers, renovators, builders, sellers and retirees you can reach your target audience effectively and efficiently. (Nielsen Online Ratings, Domestic Audience, Oct 2011)”
When marketing on these sites, it allows your property to appear under a number of specifications, so for instance if your property is in Norwood but someone is searching for a property in Walkerville they can include surrounding suburbs and this may bring your property up. An intensive amount of information can be revealed on a webpage compared to a newspaper advert. The page is larger, involves pictures and a detailed description so you only have truly interested people want to view it.
Webpages are accessible at all times and are updated regularly; people can view your property ad many times.  Some real estate companies will have premier position on so your property will appear at or near the top of the page consistently, giving you the best chance of being seen.
If you are serious about renting out your investment property get with the times and GET ONLINE!

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