Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Benefits of Professional Photography

Source: An article by Josie Hodgson
It is common in the market place to see property managers being a jack of all trades. They are accountants, interior designers, marketing experts, problem solvers, counsellors, property stylists to name but a few. Now we are expecting that they become professional photographers as well. Why?  
Is it because most property management departments believe that their Landlord will not pay for professional photography?   Whilst this may be the case in a few instances if the owner is educated correctly and shown the benefits they almost always agree to pay for marketing photographs, they just have to see the benefits.
When a landlord asks “Why do I need professional photography for a rental property?”
Tell them why…
A recent survey showed that more than 80% of people search for their new home on the internet.
So with the majority of people searching online for their new home, if your property does not look impressive, tenants are just not going to bother to inspect it.
The way a property presents is an important factor, if not the most important factor in generating interest. As the old saying goes “a first impression is a lasting impression, whether good or bad”.
When photography is left to property managers who in most cases have the use of an expensive camera with all the bells and whistles. It sounds fantastic and easy all you have to do is point and shoot and we expect the camera to do the rest. Whilst in some situations the photographs are acceptable in most, they are not.
This is not always the fault of the property manager as they are not trained in this field. Would you recommend a friend photograph a wedding or a professional photographer? Whilst leasing a property the images are not a lifetime memory they are usually the first impression a prospective tenant has of the property and they will decide in only a few short minutes if they will inspect the property or not.
The photos below show the same property – the property manager has taken the first photograph and a professional photographer has taken the second.
Unedited photograph

Edited photograph
Professional photographers bring out the best in a property. Proper lighting techniques, clever angles, composition and some tricks of the trade that only professional real estate photographers have ensures that the property looks its absolute best. Not to mention it is a tax deduction as well.
It is no secret that properties that are well presented have more enquiries, more inspections, fewer days on market and in some cases achieve a HIGHER RENT.
Property Observer recently reported that less-than-ideal photographs could be a contributing factor for properties that have not been tenanted for a while. Still not convinced? Take a look at
At Toop&Toop we have two professional, full-time photographers who are available to photograph your investment property.